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  Affordable Honda and Toyota automobiles since 1991  


Dear Valued Customer,

Since 1991 Kenneth Boehm Motor Car Company has been selling affordable Honda and Toyota automobiles with a standard of quality that was believed to be impossible by our competitors. Today that same standard is still the way we do business and through the years has resulted in an almost 100% “word of mouth” dealership. KBMC, Inc. strives for perfection and here are a few reasons why.

We specialize in two specific automobiles - Honda and Toyota. Why? These two manufacturers produce the highest quality mass produced automobile in the world today. In addition, the reliability over time and extended mileage is vastly ahead of anything else available at a similar price. Selling these specific makes insures our customers that their vehicle will perform reliably and economically long after the sale.

Thank you for your business!

Kenneth Boehm

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